5 Tips for Livening Up Your Dating Profile

Coffee Meets Bagel
4 min readJan 6, 2021


Ever stared at a dating profile and suddenly forgotten everything there is to say about yourself? Yeah, we’ve all been there. It’s hard to talk yourself up, and even harder to translate it into a great profile — but that’s what we’re here for.

Whether you’re new to the dating scene or just looking to give your profile a refresh, we’ve got some tips on creating a dating profile that screams, “I’m cool and maybe we’d be cool together, let’s chat!”

So, don’t let that profile intimidate you. Here’s how to fill it out like a pro.

1. Think of prompts as a way to break the ice

Our profile prompts are there to show off what makes you awesome, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t great at multitasking. They’re also a great source of conversation.

No one wants to have the same roundabout chats that lead to match purgatory, like “How was your day?”…“Good, and you?” Can you hear the crickets? Yeah, same.

Instead, use prompts to share tidbits that you’d actually enjoy talking about once you match.

Imagine seeing “The bravest thing I’ve ever done: Not sure if this is brave or stupid, but I once ate a Caroline Reaper pepper. Actually, two of them,” on someone’s profile—you’re going to have questions, right?

2. The more specific, the better

The goal of your dating profile is to give potential matches a glimpse at why you could be their person. Vague, cookie-cutter answers aren’t your friend here.

You may be tempted to put something like “I am… an adventure-lover,” but we know you can dig a little deeper.

For example, pick the prompt “My ideal adventure:” and spell out exactly what that means to you. For some, it could be next-level grand, like going skydiving on your first date. For others, it could be as simple as seeking out a never-before-visited coffee shop in your city.

Long story short: Your unique take will make you stand out from the rest. (And if you’re the sky-diving type, more power to you! We’ll be down here, enjoying our cold brew.)

3. Share what matters most to you

When adding details to your profile, remember that it’s a great opportunity to get real about what you’re looking for in a match — and not just a great place to talk about your love of Shark Week.

Sure, it might feel a little awkward to be so upfront about your needs. But people aren’t psychic—your openness and transparency will help you attract the right people and stop wasting time on the wrong ones.

So if you’re looking for specific values or someone with a similar lifestyle, don’t be scared to say it. We suggest giving prompts like “What makes a relationship successful” or “In a partner, I’m looking for…” a try.

4. Don’t be scared to get a little wordy

You know how they say “less is more”? Forget that, we have a new rule for you when it comes to profile prompts.

Get your wordsmith on and give your potential matches some answers with a little more oomph, if you know what we mean.

So, instead of saying “Among my friends, I’m best known for…trivia,” you could say “Among my friends, I’m best known for…being the one who Googles everything and knows the most random facts. I even host trivia on Tuesdays as a side gig!”

5. Be your most authentic self

Our last tip might feel like a no-brainer, but we really can’t stress this enough: There’s no “right” answer when it comes to your dating profile.

Be authentic. Be vulnerable. Be you. At the risk of getting a little too Seussian, be the you-est you. Yeah, opening up in dating is scary. But the results are worth it.

Now that you’ve got the skills down, head over to the app and start making your profile shine. We can’t wait to see what you come up with.